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Our Video Tips

Thanks for visiting our video help center and sprinkler system information.
If you have any questions or need to schedule to have a service technican come out please call 904-779-7799

Hunter Pro-C Programing

Learn how to set your irrigation controller / timer. 

How a sprinkler system works

Watch a quick video to understand how an irrigation system operates.

Adjust a Rotar Sprinkler Head

How to adjust a PGP, I-20, or RPS Rotor Head.

Action Sprinkler Service

To have your irrigation system serviced give us a call at 904-779-7799.​​

Adjust a Spray Sprinkler Head

How to adjust, flush, and clean a spray heads filter.

Hunter XC Controller Manual

Information on how to adjust an Hunter XC Controller. 

Rain Sensor Information

How to adjust and basic rain sensor information.

Rotary Nozzles

Learn how the MP Rotator saves water and money by using rotating streams!​​

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